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 New Player Information 

How to prepare for your 1st day 
  • Read the rules and understand the rules.  The waiver you sign will indicate that you know and understand the rules.

  • Print and sign your waiver before you show up at the field. This will help save time and help to ensure more trigger time for all.   PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY NO WAIVER, NO PLAY, NO EXCEPTION!

  • If you'll need a Rental Gun it is to your benefit to reserve one at least 4 days before game day. The guns are first come first serve. Check the rental page for more info and how to reserve your gun.

  • Long sleeve shirts and pants are HIGHLY recommended all year long and don't forget close toe shoes. If you don't own camouflage, brown and green will be the next best colors to wear.

  • We use "dead/hit" rags to identify players that have been hit. We sell them for $1 each, you are welcome to bring or make your own; just make sure that it is red and 1'x1' in size. 

  • For hot/warm weather play, it is highly recommended that you make provisions to carry water on the playing field. Canteens and or hydration systems are the best way to do this and are readily available at local military surplus or sporting goods stores. Drinks are sold at the field.

  • 2 way radios come in handy on the field but are not required. They're not very expensive and many families now have at least one set that they use for different purposes.

  • Lunch is made available at the field for $5.00 (Saturday games only). 

  • We will have high quality BBs available for purchase. 

  • Charge those batteries before you show up. We do have a charging station but if you need a charge it will be at our convenience and will cost up to $4 per battery. 

  • Full seal eye protection is mandatory, NO shooting glasses. Full face protection is highly recommended considering teeth can be shot out. Not all eye protection is created equal. Your goggles must be able to withstand a point blank shot from a gun shooting 400fps.

  • How much cash should I bring? If your renting a gun $40-60 should be enough to cover the rental, food, drinks or extra ammo you may want. If you're not renting a gun, $25-$35 dollars should be enough to cover field fees, food, drinks or ammo that you may need.

What to expect
  • Cash Only Please! We are an outdoor establishment and do not have access to electricity, making it an extreme hassle for us to facilitate a credit card swipe. 

  • New players MUST be on time for their first Team Airsoft experience. This is very important because you will not be able to participate if you miss the mandatory rules briefing. Arrival time for new players is listed on the schedule page and is specific to each listed game date.

  • If someone doesn't greet you at your vehicle go ahead and make your way to the sign-in table.

  • At the sign-in table our staff will introduce themselves, ask for your waiver and help get you signed in.

  • After we get acquainted and get you signed-in, that will be your chance to get your gear ready for the first game.

  • Chronographing your airsoft gun is next, no illegal or hot guns please. 

  • We know that you will have familiarize yourself with our rules but just before we get the first game under way we will give a rules briefing for all the new players.

  • One of the most asked questions from folks before they come out to play is "what about teams?" Some players have formed their own teams, when that is the case we try to keep them together. Many people on the other hand are not part of a team, so before the first game is underway our staff creates the teams that all players will be on, trying to place an even amount of experience and inexperience on each team.

  • Now the fun begins!! We usually start out with some short warm-up games and work up to at least 1 hour long game before we break for lunch.

  • Like we said before, lunch is available for purchase at the field. This is a good time to not only get some grub, but to get to know some of the guys that you've been shooing at or with.

  • Now that you've had a chance to fuel up it's time to get that butt up and into gear; we've got some more airsofting to do.

  • Most of the time the game following lunch is usually the longest game of the day, anywhere from 1-2 hours long.

  • As 3:30- 4 o'clock rolls around you've been running and gunning for quite some time and we still have more to go. We started the day with short warm-up games and we usually rap the day up with the same type of games.

  • Don't leave without saying good-bye. We want to know how your day went and when we'll be seeing you again. Plus this is another good time to tell war stories and get some advise and ask questions about some of that airsoft technology you've been admiring from those guys who seem to have everything.

  • Oh yeah, expect to get hooked.  See you at the field!

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