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CIA Intelligence File

Top Secret - Eyes Only

01 10, 2010

It seems our North Korean friends didn't give back all of our people in Pyongyang. A few American scientists and their research for the Peoples' Ministry for Agriculture were seized by local authorities. Our intelligence branch was working on tracking down missile sites, and these individuals managed to evade our surveillance equipment.

Three weeks after the invasion by North Korea, one of the scientists by the name of Harold White contacted us through one of the secure channels used at the US embassy. Since he was seized by the DPRK secret police, Doctor White and the other scientists have been forced into developing a new biological agent for the North Korean government. Six months before the missile attack on Pusan, the North Korean government bought a Small Pox strain from the Peoples' Republic of China. However this strain could not be perfected with domestic labor and Saran gas was chosen instead.

The Small Pox strain Doctor White has been working on is different from the disease that modern vaccines eradicated 50 years ago. This new type; named Small Pox X, produces 100 percent casualty rate in humans, and can kill in as little as 20 minutes. The Doctor stated that his staff and samples of the new strain have been moved to a testing site in a small village 25 kilometers north of the historic city of Panmunjom. Apparently Comrade Kim wishes to see this new agent tested on American soldiers there.

01 20, 2010

CIA Intelligence has confirmed the site of the Small Pox testing facility. A small Special Forces team has been dropped into the area to retrieve a sample of the new strain and extract Doctor White and his staff. In the same area is a detachment of US Army Light Infantry with orders to secure the same village that houses the testing site. Units of the DPRK 104th Infantry Division have been fighting holding actions against Coalition forces since they broke out of the DMZ three weeks earlier. These units are defending a small village north of Panmunjom under direct orders of the DPRK secret police. The work of these American scientists will not be in vain.

Those wishing to dress the theme:
1) Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea DPRK ----- Red Team
DPRK Army: Green Varients (Woodland, Tiger Stripe, etc.)
DPRK Special Forces: Solid Colors (OD, Black, Tan, Blue, etc.)

104th DPRK: Two Red arm bands
DPRK Secret Police: One Red arm band and one Yellow arm band
COs: One Black arm band and one team color arm band

2) US light infantry ---- Blue Team
U.S Special Forces: Multicam and Woodland MARPAT
U.S. Light Infantry: ACU, Desert, Civilian (Anything not mentioned)

U.S. Light Infantry: Two Blue Arm bands
U.S. Special Forces: One Blue arm band and One Orange arm band
Dr. White: One White arm band


The team CO will be chosen if no one wishes to take on the challenge.
SIGN UP for red or blue team on the message board.
If you do not have a team by game day you will be assigned a team to play on

Taking Prisoners
  • The person has to be dead
  • They then must be healed by the enemy medic in order to be moved. While the prisoner is in transport he must keep his dead rag on and drug with one hand.
  • The prisoner must remove mag and clear gun once captured and secured.
  • The dead player can be searched for intel and vials and they will have to give up whatever intel they may have on person.
  • Prisoners can escape at anytime after being transported. MIND THE MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT!!!!!
  • Prisoner exchanges are allowed.
  • POWS can be held for no more than ten minutes. Admin must be notified when a POW is successfully transported to the HQ.

We will also do arm bands for people not wearing theme clothing, or if we need to move people to balance the sides.

February 20th 2010
Field Fees will be $30
begins at 9:00am
Rules Briefing for EVERYONE at 9:30am
Cease Fire is at 11pm

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