2009 Events
Operation Scimitar May 16th

Operation Scimitar

During the late night time hours a plane carrying spent uranium from an Indian nuclear facility, to a secure storage depot went missing along the Pakistani border.  The plane has not been heard from since, and there are no indications as to why the plane is missing.

There are two possible scenarios being considered by Indian officials:  one, is that the plane has landed for unknown reasons and the crew is unable to communicate, or two, the plane has gone down due to a mechanical failure or by hostile intentions.

The primary concern is that the uranium could be used by terrorist factions, in the area, to fashion a dirty bomb. There is a high probability that the aircraft is on the Pakistani side of the border.  Indian officials are reluctant to send forces into the area due to political tensions with Pakistan, and fears that such action would be seen as hostile by Pakistan or terrorist groups.  India has called on the US for assistance in this matter. The US can not take direct action either, due to unstable relations with Pakistan. This situation does however, pose a threat to US troops, in the region and, if a dirty bomb is smuggled into America it could be used on US soil.

In light of this threat, the US has opted to employ private military contractors to investigate the situation and recover the uranium and any surviving crew members. NATO and the UN are keeping their distance from the situation, but at the same time have made no objections to the manner in which the United States has decided to deal with the matter.  Indian military forces are on standby and have been made available to the contractors if needed. To the eyes of the world, India is calling the shots on this one and has full jurisdiction over the operation.  The US will remain a silent partner in the operation and will not take any direct action unless things get out of control, and there is a threat of eminent danger.

The situation on the ground is unknown and the theater of operation is hostile territory. There are several Mujahideen training camps in the area, of the plane's last contact.  This is a threat that the contractors need to take very seriously, and use extreme caution during the operation.  The PMCs will have their work cut out for them.

May 16th 2009
9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
$25.00 registration / $30.00 registration with lunch

Please visit the field rules page to review the rules at the field.

Contractors - Tan patterns or solid
Terrorist - Green patterns or solid, Civilian clothes, Black
Those wearing hunting camo will be placed at the time of the event.

If you have both, bring them so we can balance the teams if necessary. We will use armbands for those not in proper uniforms.

This OP will consist, of two long segments.  We will break for lunch half way through. This means you will need to plan on taking field supplies with you as the games will run for about 3.5 hours each. Your team will have a field base and you can store supplies there. Water will be important during this OP, and you need to bring something to carry water with you on the field.

Communication will also be critical for this OP. Radios will be a very important item to have at this event. I will be giving objectives as the game progresses and your commander will need to be able to reach you on the field to inform you of the objectives. BRING RADIOS!!

Game on is at 10:00am. If you need more than an hour to get ready, plan on getting their early.

If you are coming to Georgetown for the first time, you need to be present and ready by 9:30am, so you can attend the safety briefing. The safety briefing will be given once and once only. If you miss it due to being late, you will not play.

Operation Just Cause began on December 20th 1989. The goals of the operation by the United States Military were to remove Manuel Noriega from power in Panama and bring him to the United States to face drug trafficing charges. Teamairsoft will be having 4 airsoft simulations of 4 actual battles that occured in Operation Just Cause.

Scenario - 1 Acid Gambit (Task Force BAYONET)
The Panamanian Defense Force have taken a CIA agent prisoner. They are holding him in a prison compound. The prison is under attack, the guards have taken up defensive positions in and around the prison to protect it from U.S. Forces.

A Special Forces team has been sent in to extract the agent, and give the "ok" to Task Force Gator to assault the prison compound and take control of it and the area around it. Or will the Panamanians prevail this time, you decide.

For the real steel history click here

Scenario - 2 Pacora River Bridge (Task Force Black)
Panamanian Defense Forces were starting to cross a bridge leading to Panama City when U.S. Special Forces spoted the convey. They landed in helicopters on the opposite side of the bridge. The Special Forces were able to disable the PDF vehicals crossing the bridge by firing rockets at their vehicles and with attacks from an AC-130. Now each force controls one side of the bridge, and each one needs to gain full control of the bridge. Both sides have reinforcements on the way. Can the American special forces team hold out until reinforcements arrive.

For the real steel history click here

Scenario - 3 Rio Hato (Company A and Company B)
PDF forces are held up in a military base and they have control of the vital Pan American Highway. The U.S. Rangers need to take over the base and gain control of the Highway. They must also destroy satellite communications equipment located near the base. The Rangers have parachuted in around the base and have grouped up into two groups. Both groups are about to assault the complex, destroy the satellite dishes, control the main road, and take over the base.

For real steel history 1 click here

For real steel history 2 click here

Scenario - 4 The battle for Panama City and the Capture of Noriega
Our last scenario will be the final assault on Panama City and the capture of Noriega. There will be no embassy for him to hid in this time, but finding him may be harder than you think.

Those wishing to dress the theme:
Panamanian Forces
Uniforms: Tan, Brown, Desert paterns, Multicam camouflage
weapons: AK weapons, if you have them

Panamanian Civilian Loyalists (some games)
Uniforms: civilian or any Panamanian theme dress
weapons: shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles

American Forces
Uniforms: Green, ACU, Digital Woodland, Woodland camouflage
weapons: M4 or M16 type weapons, if you have them

We will also do arm bands for people not wearing theme clothing, or if we need to move people to balance the sides.

October 10th 2009
Field Fees will be $20
New Player briefing begins at 9:00am
begins at 9:30am
Cease Fire is at 5:30pm

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