2008 Events
Red Snow Event December 27th

Oct. 2, 2008 - 2 Russian bombers land in Venezuela. Russian officials state they are there to conduct training missions over the Gulf of Mexico. Hugo Chávez has stated that he welcomes the Russians and the opportunity to have the Russian air force train his pilots. The Russians have denied the remarks of Chávez and hold to their claims that the presence of the bombers are for training missions. U.S. officials will be keeping a close watch on the situation and have stated their disapproval of Russian bombers being so close to American borders.

Oct. 13, 2008 - The U.S. has unveiled its plans to expand its anti-missile shield into Eastern Europe. The U.S. says this is a defensive move to protect the United States and its allies against ballistic missile attacks from rouge states such as Iran. Russian officials have not responded to this plan but have appeared worried about this development.

Oct. 17, 2008 - Russian president Demitry Medveden condemns the U.S. anti-missile shield and states that it threatens Russia's national security. The U.S. has stated that it will go ahead with its plans in spite of the Russian response. Medveden stated he was disappointed in the actions of the United States and will respond by placing medium range ballistic missiles along the polish border unless the U.S. abandons it anti-missile shield plans in Eastern Europe.

Oct. 23, 2008 - The agreement between the U.S. and Eastern European countries to expand the anti-missile shield was signed. Shortly after Russia canceled its disarmament agreement with the United States and has halted all disarming of its ICBM missiles. Russian officials state that this puts Russian national security at risk and that it will take actions to defend its self. The Russian president told the U.S. it will be deploying Iskandar medium range ballistic missiles to the Polish border as well as target the U.S. radar station that directly supports the anti-missile shield.

Oct. 28, 2008 - Russian Iskandar missiles are set along the Polish border and the Russian Navy has been deployed to target the U.S. radar station that the Anti-missile shield depends on to function. Despite the efforts of U.S. officials assurance that the shield is to protect against rouge states like Iran Russia has stated it will not back down. This has raised tensions between the two nations and the U.S. has sent ships to intercept the Russian navy along with deployment of nuclear submarines along the European and Venezuela coast.

Nov. 3, 2008 - The U.S. deploys 20,000 troops along the European border with Russia. Russia responds with troop deployments of its own and recalls its navel vessels to patrol the coast. U.S. navel fleets are currently in route to Greenland where they will await further orders from Washington. Several large Russian aircraft have landed in Venezuela along with four Mig fighter jets. Hugo Chávez has been warned by U.S. military officials that Russian build up Venezuela will be seen as an action of hostility towards the U.S. and will be dealt with accordingly.

Nov. 11, 2008 - Russia backs down after diplomatic pressure from NATO and has pulled its missiles back from the Polish border. The Kremlin has stated it is willing to negotiate a compromise with the U.S. regarding the Anti-Missile shield. The U.S. has agreed to meet with Russian officials but will remain on alert until talks have concluded.

Nov. 15, 2008 - In spite of the ongoing talks between the U.S. and Moscow military activity in Russia has increased. More flights have landed in Venezuela and the U.S. has become concerned about a Russian build up so close to American soil. Two U.S. carrier groups have been deployed to the Gulf of Mexico as a show of force and put on a state of readiness. U.S. officials and the Pentagon believe the Russians are using the talks to distract from a deeper motive.

Nov. 17, 2008 - U.S. fighter bombers started conducting surgical strike missions in the capital city of Venezuela and several military installations. The U.S. is being very careful to stay clear of any areas that could have Russian troops present and have stated that the strikes are in response to Hugo Chávez and his policies against the United States and its allies. Russia has called for a cease fire in Venezuela and claims it puts its troops there at risk. Back in Russia military activity has remained unusually high and large troop carrier aircraft have been placed in the ready position at several military airfields.

Nov. 26, 2008 - Russian warships arrived at the port of La Guaira, Venezuela, on Tuesday for training exercises coinciding with the visit this week of Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. The naval maneuvers point to a strengthening of relations between the two countries. President Hugo Chávez said the exercises were a response to recent aggression from the U.S., "We have similar strategic visions and we have rapidly grown closer," Chávez said of its recent relations with Russia.

---Classified Military Transmission---
Nov. 27, 2008
All military personal are to report immediately to their post where they will be given further orders.
All military air fields are to put fighter aircraft in a state of readiness. Armed fighters are to be in the air 24/7.
All military bases are on lockdown and only military personal are to be permitted entrance.
As of this transmission the United States is at DEFCON 1.
All international traffic is suspended until further notice and all commercial flights are grounded. Any non military aircraft flying in U.S. airspace are to be shot down.
Nuclear ICBM sites are to be readied for launch.
All key U.S. officials will be escorted with the President to safe house 1
Vice President will be escorted to safe house 2
CDC and FEMA are to prepare their facilities nationwide and initiate emergency protocol "Blackout"
---End Transmission---

After months of escalating tension between Russia and the United States, relations between the two countries have boiled over. In a bold and unexpected move Russia has executed an invasion of the United States. Russian planes dropped thousands of troops and equipment into key cities across the nation in an attempt to quickly gain the upper hand over U.S. military forces. Naval beach craft have landed on every coast and the Russians are attempting to push inland while bombers operating out of Venezuela soften the way. The fighting is fierce and at a time when much of the U.S. military is deployed in the middle east will make this a hard fight for the U.S.. While much of the country is in chaos the small mountain town of Colman finds its self facing a direct assault from Russian troops. After enduring a devastating winter storm that cut off the town of Colman, residents find themselves facing the Russians on their own. The high mountain peak that Colman sits on is the perfect location for a long range 360 degree artillery site, and unfortunately for Colman the Russian military knows this. Shortly before dawn Russian planes began dropping paratroopers in the area around Colman. The National Guard armory was on alert and has responded by establishing a secure perimeter around the town. The residents of Colman have joined the National Guard in efforts to establish defensive measures around town in hopes to hold off the Russian troops. It would take weeks under normal conditions to get anything up to Colman and considering that the country is occupied with the invasion it is unlikely Colman will have any support. If the Russians secure this site and set up their artillery position it could prove devastating to U.S. forces in the regions around Colman peak. The National Guard and residents of the town must hold off the Russians and prevent the establishment of an artillery site.

December 27, 2008
Georgetown Field
Dawsonville, GA
- December 27th 9:00 A.M.
Op ends - December 27th 5:00 P.M.
$20.00 Registration Fee

Town residents - civilian clothing or hunting camo ( Real Tree )
National Guard - Tan ( ACU, Multi-cam, 3 color desert, Desert marpat )
Russians - Green or black ( Woodland, marpat, OD, Tiger strip )

Anyone who has multiple uniforms please let me know and bring them with you so if we need to we can even out the teams. This will be a big help. If you guys can please let me know what uniforms you will be wearing so I can see where we are with teams. You can post here or email me at Talon@mantisairsoft.com. Any questions regarding the Op or uniforms can be posted or emailed and I will get to them as quickly as I can.


Operation: Unrest

November 1st 2008

3:00, cease fire at 11:30

$20 field fees & Dinner available

This game will go into the night so glow sticks will be mandatory, players will need 2 glow sticks yellow to indicate hits and red or blue for team colors. Glow sticks will be available at the field.

Let me describe to you the modern human and his existence. Most of the world live out their quiet, peaceful and happy little lives in this Eden we call Earth. They go to work, pay their taxes, and enjoy family vacations. They are all blissfully unaware of what lurks in the shadows and dark cracks of the world. There are a few however that sense the presence of unholy lurkers in Eden and the chaos that awaits just outside the gates of this world. They fight to keep the chaos out and preserve the peace we have come to take for granted. There are some that strive to break down the gates and let the chaos flood our Garden of Eden with malevolent fury. Then there are those who create abominations which spring from the darkest recesses of  human minds.. engineered soulless creatures that mindlessly exist in our basements and behind locked doors. Microscopic viruses that invaded living tissue and cause the dead to rise from their dirt beds, driving them to feed on the unfortunate ones that survived the virus outbreak.

One would think we would learn our lesson. Instead we sweep it all under the carpet and hide these dark deeds from the unsuspecting world and continue to tinker with things that should not be tinkered with. Whether by dark forces from the other side bent on the destruction of mans world or by our own ghastly creations… one day we will go to far and our time here will end.  Until then, the age old battle of good and evil will rage on unnoticed by most. The few that fight this battle will never know peace but it’s a burden they have chosen to carry for the sake of man kind.

Man rules now where They ruled once; They shall soon rule where man rules now. After summer is winter, and after winter summer. They wait patient and potent, for here shall They reign again.

- Necronomicon, the Book of Dead Names, penned by the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred.

That is not dead that eternal lies.
And with strange aeons even death may rise

- 1938 -  With respects to H.P. Lovecraft


Operation: Dark Star

July 19-20, 2008

Deep in the Panamanian jungles of South America hides a secret unknown to the majority of the world. An ancient relic called "The Orthax Figurine" and is said to have the power to change the fate of mankind. Over the centuries many dedicated relic hunters have sought to find the Orthax Figurine but none of them has ever returned from their expeditions. It is said that a tribe known as the Banti have guarded the secrets of the jungle since the pre-Colombian time and the previous expeditions into the area fell victim to this tribe. Very little is known about the Banti and the size of their tribe however it is known they are well armed with modern equipment and fire power. In 1998 a Panamanian military transport loaded with supplies from the US went down deep in the jungle inhabited by the Banti and it is believed this is how they came to acquire their modern arsenal.
            The Mintek Corporation has recently taken an interest in the area inhabited by the Banti. The Mintek Corp. is a mining outfit that supplies 86% of the world's rare metals such as platinum. Mintek is only a front for a much more intricate organization known as the Trinity Group. The Trinity Group has direct ties to the Vatican and the Catholic Church and its speculated that Mintek is the foot soldiers for the Research and Artifact Recovery division of the Vatican. Mintek has its own private army that is better armed and equipped than most modern militaries. Mintek claims this is for security of the metals they mine, store, and transport from their operations, however it would seem that they are the muscle behind Mintek's true agenda. Behind the mask of the mining operation Mintek is sent out to locate and recover lost artifacts for the Trinity Group and deliver them safely back to the Vatican's vault. It is unknown what happens to the artifacts at this point, but looking back at history god help us all if they unlock any hidden secrets contained in them.
            There is one thing that stands in the way of the Trinity Groups conquest. They call themselves the Asmodel which is Hebrew for "e;Guardian Angel"e;. After the Knights Templar were disbanded in 1312 the world assumed they were no more. The world was wrong, after the disbanding and murder of many Templar members they went into hiding and formed a new order, the Asmodel. Their purpose is much the same as it was in the middle ages, to recover and protect religious artifact from the corruption and greed of mankind. They are sworn enemies of the Trinity Group and any who have ties with them. Where you find Mintek you will surly find the Asmodel.
            The Trinity Group believes they have found the location of the Orthax Figurine and has dispatched Mintek to find and secure the artifact. Mintek has quietly set up a mining operation close to the area where the Orthax is believed to be. The Banti have taken notice of the mining operation and Mintek has already lost several security personal. The Asmodel have infiltrated a close by village and are covertly watching the two groups, planning their next move. The Asmodel could gain an advantage if they can persuade the Banti to join their fight against Mintek's security division, However the Banti are very untrusting of outsiders which could prove difficult for the Asmodel. The Banti will protect the Orthax Figurine at all cost from anyone that tries to disturb the sacred relic. While Mintek has a large well equipped private army, the Asmodel have some of the best battle tested men in the world and have no need for large numbers to accomplish their goal. This combined with the tenacity and passion behind the Banti to protect their sacred land could prove fatal to the Mintek Corporation. In the event Mintek is successful in recovering the Orthax Figurine and hands it over to the Trinity Group, well, God help us all.


Operation: 1969

June 21st, 2008

3:00, cease fire at 11:30

$20 field fees & Dinner available

This game will go into the night so glow sticks will be mandatory, players will need 2 glow sticks yellow to indicate hits and red or blue for team colors. Glow sticks will be available at the field.


1969, Along the Cambodian border in South Vietnam .

Charlie has been moving NVA supplies out of Cambodia along a main route that feeds into the Ho Chi Minh trail. This supply route has become a thorn in the side for US operations in the area. The US is strictly prohibited from entering Cambodia and therefore is unable to eliminate the source of the supplies. Over the past few years this supply line has allowed the NVA to amass large amounts of supplies and men in the area. As we enter the heaviest level of fighting since the conflict began, the US is concerned about a possible major offensive strikes against there firebases in the area. Activity along the route has increased recently and US military officials feel the time has come to close this route for good. The 101st Airborne has dropped in the village of Det Mien and is using this location as operations base. They have set up a listening post close to the route in order to monitor traffic flow and plan an offensive strike to shut down this supply line. The number of NVA troops in the area is unknown and there are concerns about US troops being overrun, however, the US is stretched thin due to the number of hot zones presently in the country. The 101st is on their own in this one.



Operation: Red Sun

April 19th, 2008

North Korea has protested the world recognition of South Korea since the division of the country in 1948. The protest evolved into a deep hatred of the western world after the 1950 Korean war with the U.S. which resulted in their failure to reunify the country. Tensions have been very high along the border ever since U.S. marines were stationed there after the war. After more than five decades of animosity North Korea has strengthened its resolve to unify the two countries.

Starting in 1999 N. Korea has publicly announced on many occasions its wish to exercise nuclear strikes against the western world. This stems from a desire of the N. Korean people to exact punishment on the western powers that have kept the country divided for so long, top of their list is America. After the fall of the Soviet Union N. Korea was left on its own to build and equip an army that could fulfill its national commitment to unification. The world paid little attention to N. Korea not believing it capable of building an army that could pose a threat the remaining super powers. This was a great under site and not only has N. Korea build a large well trained and supplied military, in late 2002 they conducted a test of their first N. Korean build nuclear device.

It is believed they have developed short and medium range ballistic missiles that could strike U.S. interest on the European continent. It�s only a matter of time before they have long range capability that could strike the western coast of the U.S. if launched from the southern tip of S. Korea. The N. Korean government has shown no interest in diplomatic talks with the U.S. or its allies. The world fears armed conflict as tensions along the border are once again on the rise.

On February 24, 2008 the CIA intercepted communications discussing the possible invasion of S. Korea. Growing concern around the world has forced the U.S. to respond with troop build up along the border and warnings of military action if N. Korea moves across the border into S. Korea. N. Korea denies any plan to invade S. Korea and protest the U.S. build up. Military officials are not convinced by the N. Korean response to these allegations and continue the build up.

In the early morning hours of March 10th 2008 the N. Korean military began assaulting the border and by mid day had pushed into S. Korea. It appears that there first target is the strategically placed town of Tan Sung. The capture of this location will give them a strong foot hold in the country that can be easily supplied from N. Korea. The U.S. can not allow Tan Sung to fall into enemy hands. A quick response unit of U.S. Marines and British Royal Marines has been dispatched to secure and hold the town as U.S. and Allied forces push back the N. Korean army.


Operation: U.N. Evac  January 26th, 2008

After many years of civil unrest and war in the country of Zekistan, the U.N. has brought the conflict to sporadic outburst. In recent months the Wazican militia has made several attempts to escalate the unstable situation. In their most recent action they have weighed the scale in there favor. In an effort the take control of the town and overthrow the newly established government the rebels were successful in taking the president and a US reporter hostage. They have threatened the lives of both hostages unless the U.N. leaves the area. This will open the door for them to overthrow the current government and take control of the country. The Wazican militia is notorious for being ruthless against their adversaries and there is little doubt they would execute all government officials and any who do not support them. In response to this event, the U.N. is mobilizing for military action. It is believed they will move on the home town of the Wazican militia where it is rumored they have taken the hostages. The situation is critical and time is of the essence. Action must be swift and stern in order to keep things from spiraling out of control.


Operation: U.N. Evac is a one day scenario. 

Please be on time or you will sit out the current mission.

Field fees are the normal $15.

There are no uniform requirements.

You will be expected to know the field rules.

Here are the medic rules that will be in place for this event:  

Each player will have a small rope tied with a series of knots, this represents your MED kit. Your MED kit allows you to receive medical aid from a fellow team member ( Not just a medic). This medical aid is limited. If you are hit, any team member can take your rope, untie the knots and tie the rope around your wrist. At this point you are considered walking wounded ( you are NOT fully healed ). You can move around the field and find a medic to fully heal you, but you CAN NOT fire your weapon. Once you find a medic, he will retie your knots and give your rope back to you, you are now fully healed and weapons free (you are allowed to shoot your weapon). If a medic is the first to get to you he will untie the knots, count to 60, retie the knot and you are then fully healed. Below is a step by step example of what happens when hit.  

  1. Player is hit
    1. Player calls HIT and places dead rag on head.

                                                               i.      Team member takes hit players rope and unties all knots, then ties the rope around hit players wrist. Hit player is now walking wounded and removes dead rag from head.

1.      Wounded player actively searches for a medic ( weapon can not be fired )

a.       If hit again while you are wounded, call HIT and place dead rag on head. You must wait for the 5 min. bleed out time and then find your medic. Once medic is found, tag him once and you are back in as full player.

2.      Once you find a medic. He will take your rope from your wrist and retie the knots. You are now fully healed and weapons free.

                                                             ii.       A medic will take your rope and untie the knots, count to 60, and then retie the knots. You are fully healed.

                                                            iii.      If you do not receive aid with in the 5 min. bleed out time you can find your medic and tag back in. Keep dead rag on until you tag in.

  1. Medic is hit
    1. Medic calls HIT and places dead rag on head.

                                                               i.      Team member takes hit medics rope and unties all knots, then ties the rope around hit medics wrist. Hit medic is now walking wounded and removes dead rag from head.

1.      Wounded medic actively searches for another medic           ( weapon can not be fired )

a.       Medic can heal hit players as walking wounded

b.      If hit again while you are wounded, call HIT and place dead rag on head. You must wait for the 5 min. bleed out time and then you are back in as full medic player.

                                                             ii.      If you do not receive aid with in the 5 min. bleed out time you can find the nearest and tag back in. Keep dead rag on until you tag in.  

Remember that you can be shot again as walking wounded and need to keep cover as you find your medic. Medics follow the same rules as players with the 2 exceptions. They can heal as walking wounded and they do not need to find a medic after bleed out.




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