What started Team Airsoft...

Team Airsoft was created on February 26, 2002.  Team Airsoft acquired a partnership with a local land owner and found ourselves a home playing field called Georgetown.  Our only purpose in creating Team Airsoft was to bring Airsoft to its full potential by stressing true military simulation and emphasizing team work.  Every player is given a chance to show their true personal integrity through this great sport.

About Georgetown...
The Georgetown field is located on Old Towne Rd in Dawsonville, Georgia and is made up of several hundred acres.  As mentioned above, we developed a close relationship with a local land owner that had previously developed Georgetown into an old western town. Its purpose was to help remind the locals of the 'good ole days'.  On April 14th 2002, we had our first official game at Georgetown and the rest is history.

Alan Hunter     Field Operator

Alan joined Team Airsoft with the one goal, of spreading the sport to new people and new area. Alan brought  with him the addition of 6 new MP5A4 rental guns. (now over 35 in stock)  Thanks to these guns rentals we have been able to share the sport with new people.  A lot of the people that join us each weekend at Georgetown will remember their first time at the field thanks to the rental guns Alan provides.  

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