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First off, Team Airsoft or any of its agents to not except responsibility for any actions taken as a result of your reading these guides.  Use them at your own risks.  These Guides are here as a source of information. 


Marui Mech Box Version 2 Guide

NICAD battery charging/discharging instructions    <click here>

NIMH battery charging/discharging instructions  
<click here>


Part 1 – Assembling an Airsoft Toolbox                    

This sounds like something that would be relatively easy to do, however, I have been collecting these bloody tools piece by piece, and I wish someone would have told me what I would need so I wouldn’t have to make mid-repair trips to Wal-Mart or Home Depot. Overall, my whole toolbox ran me about 35-40 dollars, not including the Dremel Tool. Below, in Bold, is an item you MUST have to do some of the repairs shown in the Tech section of the Armory.) Any tools not shown here that you may need for a project will be listed at the top of the repair article.

Lets start with the Easy stuff.

1. A Magnetic Large Phillips Head Screwdriver
2. A Magnetic Small Phillips Head Screwdriver
3. Assortment of Small Phillips and Flathead Screwdrivers
4. TORX TX-6 Hex Driver (Used On M4 and some others, can be optional)
5. TORX TX-10 Hex Driver (Must have for Mechbox Dissasembly)
6. Large Assortment of Allen Keys (Can be bought cheap at the stores listed above)
7. Wire strippers
8. Electrical Tape
9. Silicon Oil Spray
10. Blue Loctite

Optional Normal Tools

1. Plastic Hammer
2. Soldering Iron (And Solder, obviously) – Highly Recommended*
3. Dremel Tool (The more attachments the better!) – Highly Recommended*
4. Side cutters
5. Pliers
Note – Magnetic Screwdrivers make Airsoft repairs 10 times easier.

Specific Airsoft Tools\Accessories

1. Gear Grease
2. Cylinder Grease
3. Battery Discharger
4. Battery Connectors
5. Loading Rod(s)
6. Cleaning Rod(s)
7. Gun Barrel Cleaning Patches
8. Also, over time I have collected a plethora of small screws, you never know when a small screw will come in handy, so keep them in your box.



|  Disclaimer |

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